This was created for the 2023 Global Game Jam. 2 days, 4 members, through the Pittsburgh Bit Bridge location. Our entry is here:

Our game jam submission takes "roots" to both its literal and conceptual levels. It is themed around our home area (roots) in Western Virginia Appalachia. The idea is to launch seeds from the area into the air to successfully root into the soil and sprout. For this prototype, we only did three levels. The backgrounds in this prototype are modeled after some of our favorite landscapes: Cooper's Rock, New River Gorge, and Douglas Falls. The seeds are dandelion, toadshade, and paw paw. Adjust conditions with clicking on sliders and press space to launch.

Jam Site: 

Pittsburgh Global Game Jam 2023 Online

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Old meets new (Sponsored by CrazyGames)


Tour Guide


Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)

Tools and Technologies: 

Unity (any product)


Design/Ideation was completed by every member of the team. Zachary Hubbard and Tessla Muir (programming), Heather Cole (Art), Joshua Robinson (programming support and sound sourcing), Ryan Lee Eicheldinger (helped with ideation, but had to drop during the jam).


01. trumpet fanfare:

02. crate break (burst?):

03. failure:

04. grassy thud:

05. Loop Lvl1:

06. LoopMenu: 

07. LoopLvl2: 

08. LoopLvl3: 

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