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This build is a demo version of  Spy Cats, a 2D side-scrolling action puzzle platformer in which the player traverses a series of levels in order to accomplish missions as a member of a secretive feline organization.

The player assumes the role of a single character throughout the game. The main character has a base set of abilities that include walking, jumping, crouching, and using its claws to attack. Additional abilities may be temporarily granted by finding power-ups, gadgets, or other special items.

Levels take place in a variety of environments inspired by real-world locations, giving the player the feeling of being a jet-setting feline secret agent. Each level is a stand-alone experience, with the objectives, obstacles, and items collected in one level having no effect on any others. Levels are played sequentially in a fixed order.

The story of the game follows the player's character as he is recruited by the Spy Cats and sent on a variety of missions. The Spy Cats are opposed by an organization of rats known as V.R.M. Inc. The player character's actions and personal story take place amid the struggle between these two groups.

This prototype was updated from feedback received at the conferences we've demonstrated it at so far in 2023. Last update was August 2023. We are switching platforms to Steam for further updates. We hope to have it available for early access next May 2024.

Credits can be found in this document.