WASD or Arrows to move. Uncover the picture and text while navigating the maze and avoiding slugs. There are seven levels (7 stages of grief instead of the antiquated 5) total to get to the win condition.

Should you be unable to play or complete the game for any reason, then please watch this video of the gameplay.

Other information:

...This was heavily influenced by life events during the Godot Wild Jam. On Sunday, May 15 of it , my mother (who had lymphoma in her lungs) went into hospice care. On Monday of our jam, as a requirement of this care, I had to make funeral arrangements for when it happens...We all deal with grief differently. I make things. 

*Update June 5, 2022: I hope you enjoy playing this, even though I know it is a sad/serious topic. This is now a tribute piece to her. She passed away on Saturday, May 28 (post-jam), knowing she was loved. I think that's the best we can ever hope for. It happened nearly immediately after I let her siblings say goodbye to her through my phone, while holding her hand.*

This is the first time I've programmed/been on the developer side with Godot specifically.



Download 20 MB


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I'm really sorry for your loss! :(