They've left you in charge of a very strange green, we mean purple, house for the summer. Your botany courses should have prepared for you this, but you find that the plants are different here. They require the same as most plants at least: a light source, drink, and nutrients. But...well... you'll just have to see for yourself. 

The location is isolated and phone service is not reliable, but at least you have a wired connection to order food, supplies, and try to email the owner for questions. They're light years away with bad service, so hearing back may take a long time.

This is a revision/expansion of MonRiverGames' earlier prototype that can still be played at

More games from our studio can be found at

Check out the dev log for updates as to what still needs done.

This version's story, development, and artwork expansion was completed by Heather Cole. This version's music was created by Plutonian Productions (Jarrell Brackett)

There are three versions available.

  • You can play in the browser online with the version that auto loads. It is not mobile-compatible. Chrome produces the least number of errors.
  • If you are unable to play through the web build then download the Windows Version for Windows. Extract and Run. You'll probably have to click 'open anyway' under 'advanced'/'more options'.
  • If you are unable to play through the web or windows versions, then download the Mac Version for Mac. You'll likely need to go into security/preferences and press the button 'open anyway' to get it to run on Mac. For more information, you can watch this video.


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Development log